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The rice mill industry is an important segment of global economy, especially in agricultural countries. The rice milling industry is the oldest and largest agro-based industry. China, Brazil, India, and Australia are the second large rice producer in the world. Sitong Boiler pays attention to the high-tech boilers for rice mill, to increase boiler efficiency and decrease power consumption, the thermal efficiency could arrive 98%, and the NOx emission could lower than 30mg/m3. Sitong Boiler has offered hundreds boilers to various rice mills, we could design the boilers based on specific requirement.

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Boiler Application in Rice Mill Industry

In rice mill, steam boiler is the main equipment for drying and parboiling. Rice industry is one of the most energy consuming industries. It uses rice husk as a fuel. Saving of husk would lead to co-generation of thermal energy in furnaces for boilers and dryers in the rice industry. Thus energy conservation in the rice industry would lead to reduction in the use of fuels and electricity. While, alternate fuels are available in plenty and at low prices.

Boiler Application in Rice Mill Industry Boiler Application in Rice Mill Industry

Suitable Boiler Model for Rice Mill Industry

Sitong Boiler Projects in Rice Mill

2t Rice Husk Steam Boiler Used for Sri Lanka Rice Mill

Boiler Model: DZH2-1.25-T

Rated Pressure: 1.25Mpa

Fuel: Rice husk

2t Rice Husk Steam Boiler Used for Sri Lanka Rice Mill

2t/h steam Boiler is Used for Sri Lanka Rice Mill, the boiler is equipped with moving grate, and the fuel is rice husk. In rice mill factory, there is a large amount of rice husk produced during rice processing, rice husk boiler could take advantages of t


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