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  • LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove
  • LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove
  • LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove
  • LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove
  • LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove
  • LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove
  • LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove
  • LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove

LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove

Thermal Power: 0.12~1.4MW
Thermal Efficiency: 70~75%
Certificate: ISO 9001, CE, SGS, BV
Fuel: coal, biomass, wood, straw, etc.
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Coal/biomass fired hot air furnace is a kind of energy saving heating equipment with simple structure, the heating principle is heat transfer. The temperature offered by the hot air furnace could reach about 300℃, has excellent drying effect. Hot air furnace could measure and display the temperature automatic, convenient for operation.
Air and flue gas flow separately for heat exchanging. Both of air and flue gas flow two passes, heat transfer area is large, high heat transfer rate, and save energy. In order to improve thermal efficiency, Sitong boiler adopts the multiple head helical groove plate heat exchanging technology and turbulent flow principle, decrease the thickness of laminar flow, to make the air and flow gas exchange heat constantly and revolve during flowing, thus, greatly strengthened the heat transfer efficiency.

LRF vertical Type Hot Air Stove

Main Equipment


  As the flue gas and air flow separately for heat exchanging, the heated air is clean. So, hot air furnace is widely used for drying the goods that not allowed to be polluted, such as milk powder, medicine, and synthetic resin, etc.

  The coal/biomass fired hot air furnace are widely used for:

  1. Rotary kiln

  2. Drying for chemical and medicine products

  3.Textile and printing and dyeing industry

  4. Drying for molding industry

  5. Drying for wood in architectural material industry, gypsum board and firegalss products

  6. Baking for agricultural products, fodder and food processing

  7.Supply heating project industrial factory and civil buildings and henhouse, etc

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Name Hot Air Outlet Temperature(C) Heating Supplied(mw) Air Volume(Nm3/h) Thermal Efficiency(%) Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
ZLRF-10 200-300 0.12 3297-2198 70 1220 2450
ZLRF-20 200-300 0.24 3847-3572 70 1500 2740
ZLRF-30 200-300 0.35 5447-3912 70 1750 3500
ZLRF-40 200-300 0.47 6445-7513 70 1840 3790
ZLRF-60 200-300 0.7 6786-7532 75 1850 4350
ZLRF-80 200-300 0.93 7813-8685 75 2100 6395
ZLRF-100 200-300 1.17 8867-9984 75 2340 6400
ZLRF-120 200-300 1.4 10556-12370 75 2500 6800
Note: 1. Parameter is for reference, if any changes should follow the actual drawing. 2. Here are parts of products, please inquire for the details.

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