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Sitong New Innovated Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler


The new innovated gas boiler is created by Sitong boiler, which adopts two new combustion technology -- condensation heat transfer technology and Pre-premix combustion technology. The boiler is introduced the European classical equipment, the core auxiliaries are German brands, i.e. the ID fan is (Ebmpapst)EBM Brand, the valves are Dungs and Siemens Brand, the burner is Bekaert brand. The boiler capacity ranges from 90KW~2800KW, there are different models to meet the requirement different types of buildings. The innovated gas fired hot water boiler is widely used for central heating in hospital, hotel, school, office building, mall, and residence district, etc.

Compare with the old gas boiler, the new innovated boiler is equipped with condenser, which has higher thermal efficiency. All the boiler auxiliaries (including boiler burner, condenser, boiler body, etc.) are all packaged as a whole. The core component heat exchanger is sial, the combustion chamber and water outlet are above the main heat exchanger, the water inlet is at the bottom, thus the thermal could be absorbed sufficiently, and the exhaust smoke temperature is low.

Advantages of the Innovated Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler

1.Extra high thermal efficiency, the efficiency could reach as high as 108.9%
2.Extra low harmful gas emission, Nox ≤8ppm
3.The boiler could be vertical type, and occupies 1.3m2 per ton
4.The boiler is equipped with extra intelligence controller, the brand is Siemens
5.The temperature of exhaust smoke is lower than 35℃
6.Extra quite operation (55dB)
7.The boiler is equipped with multi-protection devices, boiler could operate safely
8.The boiler has extra long operation life (20 years)


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