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3 Sets of 3t WNS Series Oil Fired Steam Boiler for Armenia


  Boiler: WNS 3 Oil Fired Steam Boiler

  Country: Armenia

  Application:brewery process plant

  Date: 2015

Details of

  Model: WNS3-1.25-Q

  Steam capacity: 3t

  Working pressure: 1.0MPa

  Feed water temperature: 20℃

  Steam temperature: 180℃

  Fuel: city gas


  Armenia customer contacted us by email at the beginning of 2016. He owns a brewery process plant for about 10 years, and he would like to change the old boilers. His friend who own a paper plant recommended him Sitong boiler, as his friend is an old customer of Sitong boiler, and visited the factory several years ago, the boiler he bought was running very well. So, the customer contacted us without hesitate.

  The customer would like to buy a gas fired boiler, and the fuel consumption should be low. Compare with the different boilers, WNS series boiler is chose, as the combustion chamber of the boiler is made up of whole ripple furnace, the burning space is large, fuel can be burned completely, the heat loss is low, and thermal efficiency is high.

  At the beginning, he was very confused which boiler capacity is better for him, 3t, 7t or 8t. As the brewery plant need a large steam output, we advised him to use 3 sets of 3t boiler together to in case of the malfunction. If one boiler doesn’t work, the other equipment will not be influenced.

  Another thing concerned by the customer is the transportation, as it is really a long journey for such big and heavy equipment, he wonder whether they can arrive when he need them. we transported the boilers and auxiliary equipment by ship and airplane together, and finished the transportation before he start renewal his equipment.

  He said Sitong boiler is very professional and responsible, he is very grateful that he can corporate with us.


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