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10t DZL Wood Fired Steam Boiler for Bangladesh


Boiler:10t DZL wood fired steam boiler

Country: Bangladesh
Application: Rubber wood processing
Time: August, 2016

Details of DZL10 steam boiler 
Rated evaporation capacity: 10
Rated steam temperature: 194℃
Working pressure; 1.25 MPa
Efficiency: 80%
Exhaust smoke temperature: 153℃
Specific requirements of customer: 
1.Guarantee enough steam output
2.High quality 
3.Auxiliary equipment: wood grinder
4.The valves should be made in Europe

We have kept in touch with the Bangladesh customer for about 2 years. After 2 years exploration, the cautious customer finally determined Sitong boiler as his boiler supplier. Customer owns a wood processing plant, he need a higher efficient boiler to offer high quality steam for rubber wood processing. In August, 8 people came to Sitong boiler factory for the final confirmation. This time, they investigated 3 factories, Sitong boiler is just one of the alternatives. We spent 3 days with the customers, from airport pickup to farewell, from factory visiting to meal & accommodation reception, we offered the service as well as we can. 
As we knew fairly well their needs on the boiler, we showed them the DZL series wood fired steam boiler directly. They looked at different part of the boiler and the parameters carefully, and then put forward the specific requirements. They said the most important thing is to offer enough steam output, and the steam quality should be very high, in order to guarantee the safe operation, the valves should be made in Europe, also, as he will use wood as the fuel, it is better to equipped with a wood grinder. 
For these requirements, we redesign the grate length base on the fuel type to ensure enough output, there is no problem to install a wood grinder and European valves. Customers are very satisfied with us on both the meticulous service and high quality boiler. 


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